Bayernmoor: The Story, So Far...

From our family to your glass, a tale of wine and passion.

Rooted in Tradition, Growing Toward the Future

Nestled in the sun-dappled hills just east of Stanwood, Washington, Bayernmoor is a family-owned boutique winery on over 100 acres of southern-facing slopes viewing Mount Rainier. Here, every grape and every bottle tells the story of our pursuit of winemaking excellence.

Bayernmoor Cellars is a story about family, commitment to future generations, and a passion for communicating life’s moments through wine. Since planting our Pinot Noir vineyard in 2011, our estate has flourished into a distinguished vineyard known for its award-winning wines. This journey underscores our dedication to the blend of innovation and tradition for excellence in winemaking.

Family, Vision, and Community

Kim and Larry Harris transformed their passion for wine into the flourishing Bayernmoor vineyard, turning weekend visits to Napa and Sonoma into a legacy amidst the hills of Stanwood. Their journey from law school to winemaking embodies passion, vision, and the pursuit of excellence.

The entire Harris family, along with their devoted vineyard dogs Buster and Daisy, are deeply rooted in every aspect of the vineyard’s life cycle. Their hands-on approach and partnership with leading experts in the industry have been vital in cultivating a vineyard renowned for its Pinot Noir.

“Our mission is to expand, innovate, and champion the unique qualities of our wines on a global stage.”

Looking Ahead:

Charting New Paths in Winemaking

At Bayernmoor, we look forward to a future of innovation and excellence. More than a winery, we represent an evolving dream, dedicated to elevating the Puget Sound AVA through quality, sustainability, and community. Our mission is to expand, innovate, and champion the unique qualities of our wines on a global stage.

Our Ethos? Sustainability.

Through sustainable farming, we cultivate the highest quality grapes and a vibrant ecosystem to preserve our land’s vitality for future generations. By combining award-winning winemaking with environmental stewardship, we’re ensuring Bayernmoor’s legacy endures for decades to come.

“Our vision is to preserve our land’s vitality for future generations, combining award-winning winemaking with environmental stewardship.”

The Estate Vineyard: Sun-Kissed Slopes, Perfect for Pinot Noir

Our estate vineyard is strategically perched to maximize sun exposure for our Pinot Noir vines. Careful planting ensures that each grape absorbs just the right amount of sunshine, contributing to the robust flavors and aromatic complexity that define our wines.

This prime location also affords a stunning view of Mount Rainier, the Cascades and Olympic mountains and is an ideal microclimate for cultivating world-class Pinot Noir.

We embrace a hands-on approach for almost everything at the vineyard. Each step is performed manually for unmatched precision. We only integrate machinery where necessary.

Our commitment to blending traditional and innovative practices spans the growing season, from the green harvest, which enhances grape concentration, to the hands-on selective harvest, ensuring only the peak-ripe grapes are used to produce our wines.

This is how we craft exceptional wines that resonate with the essence of Bayernmoor.

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The Signature Terroir of Bayernmoor

The heartbeat of our vineyard, where climate, geography, and soil converge to create a unique expression of place — terroir.

Echoing the esteemed Burgundy region, our environment nurtures Pinot Noir with similar climatic conditions, enriching our wines with distinctive mineral qualities and complexities from our southern-facing, sloped vineyards.

In winemaking, we honor Burgundian traditions, selectively aging our wines in French oak barrels for depth and elegance. With meticulous care, we craft wines that embody Bayernmoor’s distinct terroir, balancing tradition with sustainability and innovation.

Beyond Our Vines:

Sourcing from Washington’s Finest

Along our pilgrimage to create the finest wines, we collaborate with some of Washington’s most esteemed vineyards. Klipsun, Celilo, Coyote Canyon, and Destiny Ridge are all partners in our pursuit of excellence. Each vineyard brings its unique terroir and renowned reputation:

Klipsun Vineyard

Red Mountain AVA

One of the Top 25 Vineyards in the World by Wine & Spirits magazine, contributing a tapestry of flavors to our robust and award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon.

Celilo Vineyard

Columbia Gorge AVA

Graces us with some of the state’s most beautiful Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir, unique for its high clay-content soil and advantageous climate.

Destiny Ridge Vineyard

Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Provides us with grapes that flourish 800 feet above the Columbia River, adding depth and flavor to our Cabernet Sauvignon and Albriño.

Coyote Canyon

Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Gifts us with Merlot and, for the first time this year, Malbec, both cradled in barrels and awaiting their debut.

We selectively collaborate with vineyards that align with our standards for quality and sustainability, ensuring every bottle reflects the excellence and unique character of Washington’s wine country.

Join Our Journey

Whether savoring our Pinot Noir, strolling through the vineyard, or sharing our narrative, you’re a crucial part of our community. Together, we’ll innovate, celebrate, and look forward to a future as rich and promising as our wines. Be part of shaping Bayernmoor’s legacy.