About Us

Welcome To Bayernmoor

Bayernmoor is a family-owned boutique winery and estate vineyard located in the hills of Stanwood, WA. Featuring 6 acres of Pinot Noir at an elevation of over 700 feet, our estate vineyard showcases stunning views of Mount Rainer, the Cascades, and the Olympic mountains.

Celebrating history and sustainability are two complimentary philosophies that we at Bayernmoor let guide every aspect of what we do. The name Bayernmoor is an homage to the German and Dutch roots of our family. Over the better part of a century, the building that houses our winery has been a barn, a family home, and now a state-of-the-art winemaking facility. Over that same amount of time the land has gone from a working dairy farm to a world-class Pinot Noir vineyard. At Bayernmoor, the past is always present.

As we look back, we look forward by using sustainable farming practices in the vineyard. By using organic practices and mindful farming we are keeping the vineyard and surrounding lands generationally sustainable. Located next to the vineyard you will find our beehives. While the grapevines themselves may not need them, the bees pollinate the ground cover in the vineyard as well as the beautiful gardens and natural foliage surrounding the vineyard. Through our holistic approach to farming and winemaking Bayernmoor not only produces award-winning wines, but does so while honoring our past, and improving the land for the future.

From grapevine to glass, Bayernmoor is where elegance and class meet the warm and familiar.