What Makes A Good Wine Good, Part I

The other day I was in the dentist's chair and my hygienist asked me, "What's a good wine?" Ignoring the fact that I found it difficult to answer with her deft hands occupying my mouth, I was also speechless from the traffic jam of ideas I had in my head. There are so many qualifiers to that question. What's your price point? What's the situation? What are you eating with it? Most importantly, what kind of wine do you like???

Choosing a wine

I think what people are really asking is, what makes a good wine? The truth is, there are good wines at any price point. That being said, there is a definite price line of demarcation between good and great wine. What that line is depends on where you are, the varietal, the region it is from, or whether you are you in a wine shop or a restaurant.

Choosing wine

So I thought this would be an opportunity to talk about what goes in to a wine, some factors that determine pricing, and, ultimately, give you some tools to help you in that quest for those great bottles. So, keep your eyes glued to this space over the next few posts and we'll dive into this together. If you want to play along at home, order some of our wines as I'll be using them as an example. Make sure to save your bottle and even your cork as I'll be going over all of that. 












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