The Start of Something Special

This is probably the first time you are hearing of Bayernmoor, but we have been around for awhile just doing our thing behind the scenes. If you know anything about wine, you know it takes patience and time to make a great product. The past few years have seen our vines mature and bear fruit. Now we are excited to say that we are at the point where our patience is paying off.

Two things immediately separate Bayernmoor from other wineries in the state. First, we have our own estate vineyard. Second, we grow Pinot Noir.

Bayernmoor budding grapes

The word “estate” gets thrown around a lot in the wine industry, but what does it actually mean? An estate vineyard is one that is owned or controlled by a winery. Without getting too deep in the weeds of the history of Washington wine (we’ll do that in another post), the occurrence of estate wines is very low in our state. There are many great vineyards and work with some of the best, but we are most proud of the literal fruits of our labor.

While Pinot Noir is most often associated with other wine regions, we have found the perfect little spot to grow this delicate grape. We are challenging the status quo and showing the world that great Pinot Noir can be made here in Washington. As of this writing, our first vintage is aging in both new and neutral French oak barrels and will be unleashed in the summer of 2018. Until then, we hope to wet your appetite with our initial Rosé offering this summer followed by our 2017 Chardonnay and 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, both of which will be released closer to fall.

To ensure that you get the latest news and the first chance at getting our wine, we ask that you sign up for our occasional newsletter. This is the start of something special and we want you to be a part of it. We look forward to sharing our wine, our story, and our journey with you for many vintages to come.

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